Edgy Portraiture

EDGY PORTRAITURE || Compositing & Creative Retouching

Here it is, by popular demand!  This eBook covers the ins and outs of my “Edgy Portraiture” style.  Every step from shooting in the studio to editing the photos and then some more.  Each step is accompanied by images and screenshots for you to easily follow along with me as I show you how to create creative and unique composite portraits. 



[one_half]Chapter 1 || Shooting in the Studio
– In Studio
– Full Body Composite Prep
Chapter 2 || Making Selections
– Making Selections
– Cleaning Up Selections
Chapter 3 || Extracting Hair
– Extracting Hair
-Cleaning Up Hair Edges
Chapter 4 || Retouching the Eyes
– Make the Iris Bold
– Outer Iris Enhancement (2 methods)
-That Somethin’ Special
– The Power of Catch Lights
– Brighten Those Whites
– Changing Eye Color
Chapter 5 || Extracting Details
– WTF Details?!
– Other Methods[/one_half]
Chapter 6 || Retouching Skin
– Retouching Skin
– Dodge and Burn
– Softening Skin (High Pass)
Chapter 7 || Cartoon Look
– Big Head
– Big Eyes
– Smooth Illustrative Look
Chapter 8 || Selling the Fake
– Color
– Glow
– The Photoshop Flashlight
– Vignette
– Shadow Master (Basic and Full Body)
– Adding Smoke & Mist
– Quick and Easy Textured Background



This book contains my editing secrets.  I came to the conclusion that it is unfair for me to keep what I have learned to myself so I have made it accessible to all of you.  I know that you will find this eBook useful and spark some creativity in your own photography.  It is not for you to copy my style but rather to learn from it and create your own unique style.


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